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Advice on how to handle conflicts between business and your personal life

10.18.00    It Takes a Collective...
One graphic-design team's creative solution to the problem of making a living while raising a child

10.11.00    Screening a Child-Care Center for Safety
Here are nine things to look for before you start bringing your child in every day

10.4.00    Why Retire, If You Can Consult?
A public-sector employee for 25 years considers a second career in the private sector

9.27.00    From Entrepreneur to Caregiver
The same skills that build a business -- delegating, making informed decisions, seeking outside help -- are vital when dealing with a family crisis

9.25.00    Small Biz Benefits Champions
You don't have to be a corporate giant to fulfill working moms' workplace dreams. Two outfits offer some creative ideas

9.20.00    Putting a Positive Spin on a Nontraditional Past
A career-switcher needs to get money lenders to see the value of her varied background

9.13.00    Plugging Work-at-Home Entrepreneurs into the Web
Parents ask how they can take advantage of e-commerce opportunities. The experts weigh in with advice

9.5.00    Should You Craft Your Business on the Net?
A "mompreneur" expanding her home-based business asks if she should market her product online or off

8.30.00    Finding Love on a Tight Schedule
A single, working mother wonders where and when she'll ever nab a soul mate

8.28.00    How to Keep Cool During "Hell Week"
Entrepreneurs offer tips on bridging the day-care gap between summer camps and school

8.23.00    Help for Moms Who Want
to Work at Home

With the right mindset and discipline you can
establish a home-based business

8.17.00    Why Isn't Everything Enough?
This mother has a strong business, a full-time nanny, a part-time job — and she's still not happy

8.17.00    Elder Care: Don't Assume It's a Burden
A reader responds to a recent column on the help employers can give to those attending to the aged or unwell

8.16.00    Teen Dream
A 13-year-old salesman looks for tips and guidance

8.9.00    A Web of Work-at-Home Scams
Parents are being targeted, and fraud is more prevalent than ever, thanks to the Net

8.2.00    Growing, Growing...Gone?
An entrepreneur worries that if she pursues expansion, she'll miss out on her kids' childhood

7.31.00    Easing the Burden of Elder Care
When employees are responsible for aging relatives, it takes a toll on the workplace. Here's what employers can do

7.26.00    Too Old for Day Care, Too Young to Be Home Alone
Pre-teens need adult-supervised activities more geared to their age

7.19.00    Child-Care Options When Your Husband Isn't Helping
Yes, you can find an affordable caregiver. And start scouting for day care soon

7.12.00    When Only One Partner is a Parent
How to confront a co-owner who saddles you with extra work to spend more time taking care of the kids

7.3.00    Growing Older, Growing Apart?
What should a retirement-age couple do when she's gearing up her business--and he's ready to kick back?

6.28.00    What's a Nursing Mom to Do?
While working on the road, don't hestitate to ask for a clean, private place to pump

6.26.00    Finding Time When Little Is Left
Flexible hours and comp time for community activity are two ways employers can help workers

6.21.00    Oh Brother! This Is a Sticky One
Stakes in a family business aren't equal and two brothers want more

6.14.00    Why Isn't Everything Enough?
This mother has a strong business, a full-time nanny, a part-time job — and she's still not happy

6.7.00    To Succeed, Get Out of Your Own Way
How to overcome common problems that keep entrepreneurs from moving to the next level

5.31.00    From Here to Maternity
A pregnant entrepreneur, whose business depends on her, dreads the thought of closing shop when baby arrives

5.26.00    Getting a Boost from "Slow-Track Moms"
Savvy women who've scaled back their careers have plenty to offer smart small businesses

5.24.00    When Does Independence Day Arrive for a Teen?
How to deal with a 16-year-old's dislike of his vacation job in the family business

5.17.00    Some Entrepreneurs Just Don't Know When to Quit
How to rein in out-of-control work hours

5.10.00    Small Businesses' Family-Family Edge
A Wharton professor says the flexibility to give each employee what he or she needs is key

5.3.00    When Clients Call 911
Make guidelines for what constitutes an emergency — and stick to them

4.26.00    Is Too Much Equipment Hurting Your Love Life?
A home-based designer says clutter doesn't makes dates' hearts flutter

4.24.00    Unplugging from the Endless Workday
Home-office technology can enslave you if you don't learn to turn off the equipment

4.19.00    You Want to Be a Wife, Mother, and a Full-Time Entrepreneur?
Take action now to prevent the crisis that's sure to come otherwise

4.12.00    Working from Home: A Single Mom Starts from Scratch
What are the available options? And how can she avoid being taken by a scam?
The second of a two-part series

4.5.00    Single Mom, Disabled Child...
A home-based business doesn't always offer as much flexibility as you think — or need
Part one of a two-part series.

3.29.00    Helping an Elderly Business Owner Let Go
Emotional — not management — issues are the most complex and require the most finesse

3.27.00    Fathers Want Work-Family Balance, Too
Smart small companies can give themselves an edge over big outfits by offering men more flexibility

3.22.00    Battling Isolation When Working at Home
Make your space as appealing as possible, and create reasons to communicate with others

3.15.00    Let the Concierge Fetch Your License Plates
Hiring a service do household chores and other tasks could be a life-enhancer for the entrepreneur

3.8.00    Drawing a Line in the Quicksand
A new column on balancing your business and personal life

2.28.00    Why Is Small Biz Allergic to Paid Parental Leave?
The fear is that mandated benefits will be too costly — but that might not be so

1.31.00    Simple Benefits Go Far in Balancing Work and Family
So why don't more small companies adopt them?

1.19.00    Opposites Attract — But Do They Make Good Business Partners?
A woman fears that working with her husband will drive them apart

1.12.00    Before You Borrow from First Bank of Dad
If your business goes bad, it can drag your family ties down with it

1.5.00    Egads! An Entrepreneur Who Enjoys His Wife More Than Work
After 20 years of corporate life, he wants to play with her, not run a Web site

12.29.99    Is Your Business Killing You?
Sometimes, the best solution to a bad situation is to get out

12.22.99    I Love You. But Not as a Business Partner
How to say "no" to a lover who wants to join your company

12.15.99    When Illness Makes Your Business the Family's Sole Support
A woman with a desperately ill child sees her husband's health fail, too

12.8.99    The Entrepreneur's Recipe for Success: Do What You Love
How one woman melded an old passion for cooking with new Web skills

12.1.99    The Entrepreneur's Dream: To Get a Real Birthday Gift — Not an Office Upgrade
Life is short. Indulge yourself once in a while to keep the can-do spirit alive

11.24.99    An Entrepreneur's Moment of Truth: My Business Needs a Professional Manager
A spouse may seem like the obvious choice, but it probably wouldn't be the best one

11.17.99    Business Stress and Love Make Estranged Bedfellows
Why does a lover leave when a long-troubled business turns around?

11.10.99    How One Entrepreneur's Random Act of Kindness Led to a New Business
Sometimes generosity pays off more than being hard as nails

11.3.99    When the Warning Lights Say: "Don't Proceed with This Partnership"
If your gut is telling you not to go into business with someone, better pay attention

10.27.99    The Part-time Entrepreneur's Quandary: Seduced by Moonlighting
My business is so much fun, dare I ditch the day job?

10.20.99    The Futility of Feuding Over a Spouse's Business
A needy entrepreneur and her judgmental husband are on a collision course

10.13.99    New Business, New Marriage, and Mother-in-Law as Boss
How to keep this equation from driving you crazy

10.6.99    Which Comes First: New Baby or New Company?
Starting a business won't relieve you of work/family challenges

9.29.99    This Can't Be Women's Lib at the Millennium!
My business lets my husband work part-time, and I still do all the housework

9.22.99    Puncturing the Myths about Parenthood and Being Your Own Boss
One ambitious entrepreneur simply put off her dreams till her son was grown

9.15.99    The Secret of One Highly Effective Supermom: She Delegates
This entrepreneur had twins — and let her motivated staff take the reins

9.8.99    Unrequited Love in a Partnership Can Be Perilous
It can break your business as well as your heart

9.1.99    From Welfare to a $1 Million-a-Year Business
Single mother, high-school dropout — Kathy Walsh had the odds stacked against her

8.25.99    The Entrepreneurs' Masquerade Bawl: "I'm a Fake"
By believing they're imposters they're only fooling — and cheating — themselves

8.18.99    The Ultimate Family-Biz Inheritance — A Blueprint for Solving Disputes
One courageous family faced its conflicts and expelled a son from the company to save it

8.11.99    Eureka! A Novel Business Idea...That Nobody Needs
Save yourself grief: Find out if there's really a market for your concept

8.4.99    Living with Disability — and Opening Doors for Others
Staffcentrix helps people get started in a new profession — virtual assistant.

7.28.99    Should the Boss Hire His Teenage Daughter?
Advice for family businesses considering employing younger relatives — from one who experienced the challenges

7.21.99    From Impaired to Virtually Empowered
For the disabled, home-based entrepreneur, the jobs and technology are out there

7.14.99    The Hobbyhorse That Became a Career
It takes great perseverance to make a living from a pastime

7.7.99    When Your Spouse Ascends the Throne
You don't automatically get to share a mate's new power at the office

6.30.99    Flying Away — Finally — from the Family Business
If you leave the nest in midlife, safeguard those key relationships

6.23.99    Seven Myths about Setting up a Home Business
The life of a home-based entrepreneur is no idyllic existence

6.16.99    The Confessions of a Workaholic
One entrepreneur grapples with the lack of balance in his life

6.9.99    Firing the Wife — and Staying Married
What to do, carefully, if she just doesn't cut it in your company

6.2.99    Severance Pay: Should It Be the Ticket to Your Entrepreneurial Dream?
Getting laid off is like a breakup. Don't lunge at something on the rebound

5.26.99    I'm No Slacker, I Work at Home
How to get people to see your home-based biz as the real thing

5.19.99    The Entrepreneurial Life Isn't Heaven for Everyone
For some people, it's a labor of love — for others, just a job

5.12.99    There Ought to Be a Prize For Entrepreneurs Who Save Their Marriages
How one couple put business and family into perspective — just in time

5.5.99    Do You Envy These Entrepreneurs? First Look at How They Made It
Lady Luck didn't just blow on their dice, pal. They hustled


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