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Tips and techniques for managing technology in a small business

9.12.00    Working the Lines
Do-it-yourself phone systems are getting more sophisticated--and the prices are dropping all the time

8.24.00    Techie in a Box
How to outsource your high-tech headaches

8.4.00    Outsourcing: Is It Worth It?
How to determine if farming out your IT services is a good deal financially

6.12.00    The No-Talent Show
Hiring competent techies just gets harder. Here's how to deal with it

5.16.00    Bundling Bargains
Take advantage of packages that tie together cheap voice services with pricier data options

5.16.00    Before You Grab One of Those Bundled Telecom Deals
An all-in-one service plan can turn into an all-or-nothing gamble

5.1.00    Click Here for HR
New application service providers are helping businesses manage human resources online

3.6.00    Your Web Site Might Be Playing Host to a Hacker
"Always-on" connections make small companies always-vulnerable to attack

3.1.00    Can We Talk?
Online bulletin boards promise lively talk and peer advice. Occasionally, they deliver

2.17.00    Wholesale vs. Retail: Who Sells What in High-Speed DSL
Just because they advertise a lot doesn't mean you can buy their service

2.16.00    Could Your Biz Become a Trojan Horse for Hackers?
A look at the vulnerability of small business to cyber crime

2.10.00    Making Your Company More Accessible to Disabled Staff and Clients
Electronic forms and talking Web sites help as much as ramps and wide doors

1.26.00    A Free ISP Is No Bargain for a Small Biz (or Perhaps Anyone)
BW Online takes several services out for a test surf. Here's what we found

1.25.00    Return to Spender
Do you get the biggest bang for your tech buck? Find out by calculating your return on investment

12.15.99    Designer E-mail
New software can help run offices, screen spam — and even send voice messages and movies

12.7.99    The ABCs of DSL
Recent FCC rule changes should spell relief for those stuck in the Net's slow lane. Here's a guide

12.1.99    Y2K: The End Game
There's still time for nonbelievers to protect themselves

11.25.99    Testing Your IPO-Readiness on the Web
Ernst & Young says its IPO Navigator can save you consultants' fees

11.11.99    Do It
Drudge work got you down? A crop of new Web sites promise to ease the load for small businesses

10.15.99    Apple to the Core
Fans insist that Macs can't be beat for design and productivity. Are they right for your company?

9.30.99    Would You Buy Paper Clips and Health Insurance Through Microsoft?
The software giant enters the already packed small-biz portal arena

9.8.99    Hacked to Pieces
Think your business is too small to need network security? That's what intruders are counting on

9.3.99    Picking Up the Pieces After a Hacker Attack
Have a plan ahead of time to ensure a quick recovery

8.11.99    Will E-Postage Stamp out the Postal Meter?
The cyber alternative to meters and stamps has big pluses and — a few bugs

8.10.99    Free and Uneasy
Web giveaways now include a host of office tools. But watch out for the hidden costs

8.5.99    Do Right By Your Telecommuters -- Pay for their Equipment
It makes business sense, and the goodwill is priceless

7.14.99    Scrambling to Save Your Data
Encryption programs are easy to use, cheap, effective, and they could save your business Now that we're grown-ups, secret decoder rings just don't cut it anymore. They're really cool, but for sensitive E-mail and the important files we store on our computers, you need something a little more sophisticated.

6.29.99    Business-Plan Software for the Perplexed
How to create a perfectly respectable plan — without an MBA

6.22.99    Long-Distance: Savings from an Upstart with a Little Plastic Box
MediaCom's low-cost gear and discount package undercut the big boys

6.17.99    Windows 2000: Coming Soon to a Hard Drive Near You?
How to decide if you need Microsoft's next operating system upgrade

5.19.99    When You Don't Want The Cadillac Of PCs
Some simpler, cheaper devices may suffice

5.5.99    Net Telephony: A Telecom Supersaver for Small Biz
It can be dirt cheap. Still, it's far from hassle-free

4.19.99    Freebie, Web-Based E-Mail: The Pros and Cons
It's slow, and it's short on professional image — but great for getting mail on the road

4.5.99    Look, I Made My Company's Web Page Myself
Three office suites let Web novices create simple sites fast

3.22.99    If I Had a Cyberhammer
New tools let entrepreneurs create their own E-stores

3.1.99    Can't Afford Your Own Intranet? Rent One
Web-based services perform similar functions — but spare you the investment

1.19.99    Click Here To Evaluate Your Employees
Software makes annual reviews easier, but it still needs a human touch

1.5.99    Taking Your Web Site Global
To lure foreign consumers, you must speak their language — and more

12.21.98    Rating Dell, Compaq, and Gateway's Online Pitches to Small Business
The prices are close, but the services aren't

12.7.98    Generate Sales Leads — Fast
Web services let you zero in on your target market and download data to your PC

11.23.98    Sorry, Pal. PalmPilots Just Don't Cut It for Me
An iconoclast's guide to smaller or more powerful devices than the cult favorite

11.9.98    Keeping the Barbarians Off Your Web Site
Hackers like to hone their skills on small-business sites, FBI experts say

10.26.98    Cutting the Cords
Our correspondent's home office happily goes wireless

10.12.98    A Blueprint for Building Your Own Web Store
For the techno-savvy, doing it yourself may be the right thing

9.28.98    Universal Messaging Delivers Phone Messages, Faxes, and E-Mails to One Place
It will even read notes over the phone when you're on the road

9.14.98    Oh, What a Tangled Web They Weave
Here's how to cut through the technobabble of hosting services and get your site running smoothly

8.31.98    Would the iMac Cut It at Your Company?
Here's how it stacks up against a comparably priced PC

8.26.98    What a Tech Buyer Really Needs
Before Getting the Gear, Get a Guru

8.4.98    Divorcing Your Web Service
The trick behind transferring your web site and E-mail is to do it without leaving your customers behind


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