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Chronicles of a business owners' efforts to build a new business

6.9.00    My Rival, My Partner
Like many small companies, ours has been forging alliances with competitors to win more business

4.10.00    Soft in the Head
I thought it would be better, and cheaper, to create our company's own software from scratch. I was so wrong

2.2.00    Shadow of the Valley
Why would an old-line manufacturer dwell in a high-tech haven, with its traffic jams and pricey talent? Well...

9.23.99    Labor Intensive
How outside consultants — and listening to the workers — helped keep a union at bay

5.27.99    Firing Up the Team
Incentives didn't work until we tied them to what employees control. Then the results were spectacular

3.26.99    Wrapped in Red Tape!
If your plans for growth don't leave room for the regulators, you have no plans

12.22.98    You Can't Make Leaders
I tried, with disastrous results. Now I pick out people who already have that quality — and foster them


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