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Advice and Columns

Chronicles of a business owners' efforts to build a new business

4.3.00    Build a Web Site, Cure a Swelled Head
You wouldn't think putting your business online would be so humbling an experience

3.27.00    An Entrepreneur Confronts His Inner Tyrant
Two blowups remind him of why he stopped working for others

3.20.00    Revenge Is Sweet — Even More So When It's Lucrative
Fate gives me a chance to get even with a client who stiffed my company

3.13.00    You Can't Spell "Hyperspeed" without the "Hype"
The Alley to the Valley conference taught me that wild optimism is a legitimate tool

3.6.00    Nothing Is Impossible — If You Keep on Negotiating
The secret to walking away with a good deal is to stay at the table

2.28.00    The Rewards of an Excruciating Database Upgrade
It's revealing riches — and gaps — I didn't realize my company had

2.21.00    We're Blowing Our Wad on a Trade Show in Vegas
Hey, life is a crapshoot. Besides, Jay Leno's gonna be there

2.14.00    I'm So Cool — Until I Get in Front of Real Investors
Everyone said I was great. If only they'd heard me in the car

2.7.00    I Finally Pay Myself a Salary — and Screw Up My Own Check
We thought we'd make fewer mistakes than the payroll company

1.31.00    An Open-Collar Guy Makes a Truce with Formality
As my company grows, I find myself embracing stuffy things like employee manuals

1.24.00    Let Me Translate the Employer Buzzwords of the New Economy
"Flexibility" means you work six days a week, bud

1.17.00    Surf's Up! We're Riding the Media-Convergence Wave
It produced a record quarter. The bar rises

1.10.00    Agreed, We Need to Stop and Smell the Roses. You First. I Dare Ya'
How can we get off the treadmill in this hyper-competitive world?

12.31.99    My Fantasy of VC Investment Inches Closer to Reality
The prospect is scarier than I thought

12.24.99    God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen — but Not in December
The year winds down with an embarrassment of riches and chores

12.20.99    Entrepreneur's Progress: Resolutions for the New Century
Boy, it feels great to start afresh. Let's see how long I can keep these vows

12.13.99    Gunning for VC Cash Is No Turkey Shoot
Numbers aren't my thing. Too bad venture capitalists want to see so many of them

12.6.99    Hoarding Money Doesn't Make Your Company Rich...
...Your people do. So hire away. That's a miser's epiphany

11.29.99    I'm Thankful for Clients Who Pay On Time
Why do I feel like the bad guy when I confront deadbeats?

11.22.99    The Art of Distilling 10,000 Words into a Business Plan
I force myself to stop researching and get it down on paper

11.15.99    The Black Hole of Proposals
What happens to those packages of priceless information we spend so much time on?

11.8.99    On the Eve of the Millennium, I Somehow Manage to Make Payroll
To be an entrepreneur, you have to love the game of chicken

11.1.99    Turning My Brick-and-Mortar into a Dot.Com
I've got the determination. Now I need real money

10.25.99    My Business Metamorphosis Begins with a Brainstorm
I wake up one morning from unsettling dreams and know I have to become a Web entrepreneur

10.11.99    Let Someone Else Sweat the Little Stuff
I need to plan the battle — and I was dying in the trenches

10.4.99    My Entrepreneur's Ego Takes a Knock in the Big City
We didn't make the cut to get into a hot trade show

9.27.99    How Long Can My Stomach Take the Cash-Flow Roller Coaster?
The dips have taught me to plan as no business book could

9.20.99    If I Can Make It Here: I'm Opening an Office in Manhattan!
A "bridge-and-tunnel" company no longer

9.13.99    I'll Know When the Offer-I-Can't-Refuse Comes Along
Giving up equity is a scary thought, but you have to let go to grow

9.7.99    I Don't Like to Dun, But...
It's the seamy side of small business — people who don't pay you

8.30.99    Arise, Ye Prisoners of Technology! Learn How to Fix Your Own Systems
Depend no more on service calls! You have nothing to lose but your time

8.23.99    My Name Is George, and I'm a Workaholic
If I take a break, I might not want to get back on the entrepreneurial treadmill again

8.16.99    The Solo Entrepreneur Steps Back into the Chorus...
...and finds solace, support, and new ideas in teamwork

8.9.99    Partners: Sometimes Living Together Beats Getting Hitched
The second time around, informal collaboration is working out just fine

8.2.99    How Would King Solomon Have Divvied Up the Cubicles?
We tried to be fair, but managed to offend liberally

7.26.99    This Ol' Entrepreneur Is Movin' On — to New Offices!
We've had a huge schlepp but will finally have enough bathrooms

7.19.99    I Take a Break from Kvetching and Reveal — I'm Happy!
Being an entrepreneur is the best thing I've done. There, I've said it

7.12.99    Entrepreneurs, Wear What You Like!
You have nothing to lose but your ties and your high heels

6.28.99    Persistence Pays Off for This Embattled Entrepreneur
After six months of effort, my line of credit comes through

6.21.99    In This Chapter, the Scales Fall from the Entrepreneur's Eyes
I now know the awful truth: Everything conspires against small biz

6.14.99    Hot Time, Summer In the Suburbs. Broken AC, and My Legs Feel Like Rubber
I'm an entrepreneur, not an air-conditioning technician

6.7.99    Hiring for Myself Is Agony
I never felt the weight when I worked for a big corporation

6.1.99    Media Tip: "Man Starts Company" Ain't News
Even an old reporter like me strikes out with my tale of hard work

5.24.99    Paying the Bills: Now There's Real Suspense
After four years in business, I never know how it'll turn out

5.17.99    Skirmishes with the Tele-Sellers
Who buys from these guys? They don't even use common sense

5.10.99    Singing Sappy Songs Won't Inspire Me
Motivation comes from within, not from such contrived moments

5.3.99    Trade-Show Etiquette: Excuse Me, I'm Going to Talk to That Real Client
Sometimes, you just can't be polite to everyone

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