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Azriela Jaffe writes a syndicated column, "Advice from A-Z," focusing on the emotional, interpersonal, marital, and family concerns of entrepreneurs. She lives in Lancaster, Pa., with her husband and three children. An expert on entrepreneurial couples and business partnerships, her book credits include Honey, I Want To Start My Own Business: A Planning Guide For Couples (HarperBusiness, '96) and Let's Go Into Business Together: Eight Secrets for Successful Business Partnering (Avon Books, Sept. '98). Her experience includes work in human resources, management training, and policy-making for 15 years at several large service companies in the New England area. Azriela is founder of Anchored Dreams, a coaching firm supporting individuals, couples,and partners in business ( Visit her Web site and subscribe to her free newsletters, which include Entrepreneurial Couples Success Letter, The Best Ideas in Business, and Keeping in Touch.

For more on Azriela Jaffe and her philosophy, check out our 1998 interview on dealing with conflicts between work and family.


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