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Easy Money: Special Report on Raising Capital
More resources to help you understand what's going on in small-business financial markets, and how to get capital for your company.

  • I Got Mine, But It Wasn't Easy
  • Table: Where Can You Find the Lowest Rate?
  • Table: Who Offers the Easiest Terms?
  • Database: Which Banks Are Friendliest to Entrepreneurs?
  • Directory: Preferred SBA Lenders Offering Quick Approval
  • Directory: Long-Term, Fixed-Rate Development Loans
  • Directory: Low-Cost Micro-Loans (up to $25,000 for six years)
  • Archive: Scouting Reports on Major Small-Business Lenders
  • Click Here for Cash
    Looking for capital? Do a customized search of our database, which contains thousands of lenders and investors.

    Cheap Plastic
    An expanded look at some of the best credit-card deals available.

  • Cards with low interest rates
  • Cards with high rewards
  • Learn more about why you need a business credit card instead of a personal card.
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    In Box
    The Pinchpenny Phone: How to cut your long-distance bill

    Touching Up Your Image: Picking the right duds for that big meeting

    Uncle Sam's Treat: Writing off your vacation as a business expense

    What's the normal level of debt in your industry? How about cash flow and current ratio? Check these peer-group comparisons.

    Who's Hot
    Read more profiles of breakthrough companies and leading small-business executives at Entrepreneur Profiles.

    What Works
    Employee training isn't just for big companies. Here's a look at what kind of training goes on at small companies.



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