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JANUARY 31, 2000

What's Up on the Web

What are your small-business peers doing in cyberspace? What are they planning to do? The answer depends on who's asking, how they ask, whom they ask, and when.

Dun & Bradstreet Small Business Study
How small businesses use the Internet   1997%   1999%
E-mail   57   76
Business Research   54   71
Purchase of Goods/Services   21   38
Sales/Marketing   16   29
PricewaterhouseCoopers Trendsetter Survey
How small businesses use their Web sites    
Build relationships with prospects   61%
Invite comments and feedback   60
Advertising   94
Provide in-depth product or service info   85
Obtain new sales leads   71
Recruit employees   51
Provide services to customers   50

How important is the Web as a business tool over the next 12 months?
Extremely important   19%
Very important   27
Somewhat important   38
Neutral   8
Unimportant   8
GTE Small Business Research
How Web site is advertised    
Web address on flyers or in direct-mail pieces   80%
Web address on business cards   77
Web address in newspaper, billboard, or yellow-page advertising   56
Barter for ads on other Internet sites   32
Advertise in newspapers   28
Advertise on the radio   12
Advertise on television   9
Paid ads on other Internet sites   6
Advertise it on outdoor billboards   5

Percent of business from Web site
Requests or Inquiries   16%
Transactions   16
Sales Volume   13

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