CEO Guide to Wind Power

Learn how Google is reducing its carbon footprint by using wind power to keep its data centers cool; why some venture capital firms are shunning wind projects; the challenges of designing wind turbines; how Adobe is using wind power in an urban setting
  • Wind-Power Market Blows Cold
    Wind-Power Market Blows Cold
    Venture firms abandon wind power amid a glut of turbine production
  • Wind Energy
    Building a Better Turbine
    Good-bye windmills. Today's wind turbines are using cutting-edge design to reduce the cost, noise and danger to wildlife caused by traditional methods of harvesting wind power
  • Servers Served by Wind
    Servers Served by Wind
    Baryonyx is building a data center in Texas that will use mainly wind-powered electricity

Reader Discussion

How has your organization's renewable energy strategy shifted in the last five years?
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