Changing Culture

Instill discipline into every aspect of the business: strategy, systems, people, and culture.
Emphasis on culture is critical. While steering a company in a new directions, neglecting to reinvent the corporate culture can cause even the best laid plans to fail.
New strategy depends on a new corporate culture, including operating routines and decisionmaking processes. Although both can be partially managed through effective incentive plans, executives must continue to lead by example if the company is going to sustain long-term change.
Establish a system to reassess strategy, organization, and culture — and readjust them if necessary.
Make the model fit your goals A hierarchical, command-and-control model fits an organization whose primary purpose is speedy, flawless execution, but to unleash innovation the model should be a flatter, more egalitarian organization that can provide the risk-free environment in which people will feel comfortable offering bold, unconventional ideas.
Change only what needs changing You can pull off big changes in innovation, brand strategy, and even outsourcing, by keeping what seem like the little things — the daily routines and processes of the culture — the same.
Use techniques appropriate to the problems Use rigorous, data-driven techniques to build your solutions, but practice qualitative techniques to build employee consensus and morale.
Focus on innovation, especially to improve customer service.

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