Leveraging Talent

Do the unexpected Many executives have poached talent from their competitors, but swiping a star from a supplier can be ingenious.
Don't cower when the economy slows down Use innovative organizational structures to ensure accountability and increase your impact.
Be a matchmaker Shared leadership positions can be surrounded by pitfalls: exploding egos, clashing communication styles, or even worse, disagreements on strategy. Pairing executives artfully can help emphasize a culture of collaboration if done correctly.
Pick champions Choose the right talent to execute, making sure these individuals can also champion culture change.
Walk your talk Put your money where your mouth is. Measure what needs to be managed.
Respect the locals Multinationals must tread lightly when introducing modern management techniques abroad. As globalization continues, it will be become increasingly important to take local traditions and customs into account – even if all business transactions occur in English. Partner only with companies that can deliver customers, brands, and benefits that meet your premium standards.
Know —and improve— your organization Identify your competitive advantages – operational efficiency and innovation management for instance – and make sure those advantages are leveraged in every facet of your business.
Articulate and support your vision Develop and communicate your vision, including the achievement of bold, ambitious goals, and then give your troops the tools and space to achieve your vision.

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