Innovation and Technology

Be willing to make big bets and push into new, unproven platforms before other competitors grab market share. Embrace risk and move quickly to implement new ideas that will broaden your reach and attract more customers in different markets.
Keep a laser focus on not only what the business needs to be successful today, but also what it will need to withstand the market challenges of tomorrow.
Take advantage of new technology to track your biggest spending customers and offer them discounts and incentives to spend even more.
Be ready to challenge and change your successful status quo. What was innovative in the past does not reflect new market wants and needs
The best marketed technology can beat the best technology.
Creating innovative products requires a willingness to use unorthodox tactics to track your customers’ tastes, such as hiring ethnographers to study how your customers are using your products.
Focus R&D on the needs of your customers. Innovations are pointless unless they meet the desires of the market.
Take on risky, groundbreaking projects that will make a big splash with audiences, even if that might provoke controversy.
Use research as a tool for creativity. Focus groups don’t have to kill the creative spark. Feed the creatives the information, and let them make something out of it.
Generate a blockbuster ideas by funding “Imagination Breakthrough” projects, ventures proposed by managers that will extend the company’s boundaries.
Perhaps the biggest enemies of creativity is time -- not having enough time to just think, reflect, and work on an idea. Give employees specific time to work on a pet project, even if it is not part of the company’s mission.
To keep products and services relevant and useful, have employees create mock-ups and prototypes about what they think products and services will look like in two years. This challenges people to rethink their assumptions and yields new insights, which can lead to more innovation.

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