Markets and Customers

Stay in touch with customers by mingling and talking with them in the real places that your customers are using your products.
Anticipate and plan for slowdowns, even when your company is thriving.
Find and develop new markets that will complement your existing businesses starting by expanding the ancillary -- even minor -- services popular with customers that the company already offers.
Don't forget the products that are reliably profitable, even if they are boring and unglamorous.
Find creative ways to fully mine the spending power of the organization's regular customers.
Balance Growth. Even large organizations can become provincial and find themselves limited geographically, but understand there are risks in aggressive expansion.
Reject the bigger-is-better philosophy and keep costs low by streamlining product offerings. Customers often give up choice in exchange for savings -- if the quality is there.
Sneak into New Markets. Any company that is bent on expansion faces the danger of overextending itself. Move stealthily into new markets -- avoiding publicity can enable you to get established before your rivals take notice.
To differentiate your products from powerful competitors, an age-old marketing tactic can hold the key: figure out what you do best, and find the customers who want it.
Identify new market opportunities by looking in the “white spaces,” the areas that others may have overlooked. Finding truly great ideas requires a willingness to look in unlikely places. Encourage team to have freewheeling brainstorming sessions.
Staying on top of culture and trends requires relentless energy and a passion for hands-on research.

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