Be Consistent. Ensure that the brand maintains a clear, consistent message in all of its ventures. Brand extensions should be aligned with the same voice and style of the original successful branding.
Invest in training the rank and file and frontline employees in key aspects of the brand. This training can help boost the rate that initial inquiries are turned into sales.
Update your logo, tag line, ad campaigns, and more, so that your customers receive a clear and positive up-to-date message about your brand.
Don't wait until a crisis to reshape your mission and brand. Be attuned to subtle market changes that could add up to a large shift in the market.
Keep Up the Buzz. Being an established brand can be a liability in the notoriously fickle youth market. To stay on the cutting edge, you can’t play it safe. You need to champion the products, services, and content that gets buzz.
Don't Stand Still. Encourage employees to reimagine and reinvent the brand to ensure that the company does not lapse into complacency.
Promote Yourself. Forge a bond with customers and give the company a strong brand identity through creative promotions. Create the story, build buzz to create evangelists for the brand.

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