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Small-Business Hiring Secrets

Small-business owners usually feel at a disadvantage when it comes to hiring talented, qualified employees. While large corporations can provide attractive benefits packages, smaller ones are too often constrained by the cost. But entrepreneurs do have some perks up their sleeves, if only they know what to emphasize, says Daniel Solomons, president and CEO of Hyrian, a recruitment-process outsourcing firm based in Los Angeles. Here are eight tips from Solomons for small-business owners to keep in mind when hiring

15 Things to Do Before You Accept VC Funding

If you are raising venture capital and have played the game right, you should have offers from multiple venture capital firms. Your success depends on picking the right partner and negotiating wisely. Your homework is to ask the VCs tough questions and speak to executives and founders of other companies the firm has worked with. You need to consider these options

15 Things You Need to Know to Score VC Funding

If you have a product that customers love, a business model that works, and a strong management team, then venture capital may be a realistic option for you. Just be prepared for a long and tedious due-diligence process. Remember to keep your options open and have a backup strategy in place. And before you start your engines, know what VCs will be looking for in your business

Finding the Right Franchise for You

When becoming a franchisee, entrepreneurs frequently overlook factors that will contribute to their overall satisfaction. Rather than closely evaluating their own goals and management strengths, they may quickly pick a recognizable brand or listen to only one source. Here's what to consider when hunting for the right franchise for you.

How to Navigate Government Contracting

Confusing size standards, contract bundling, and competition from savvy big companies, make federal government contracting tough for small businesses. Preparing a strategy before you begin the bidding process is key to getting your slice of the pie

Entrepreneurial Power— Literally

Never thought about protecting your small business from electrical outages? Luckily, we have. Check out these tips

Venture Capital: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Venture capitalists can be the best thing that happens to your company or your worst nightmare

How to Keep Your Employees Happy

Here are some do's and don'ts from the companies that ranked highest on the Great Places to Work Institute's 2006 ranking

What to Look for in a Small Business Credit Card

A dedicated card for your small firm helps keep business and private accounts separate. But there are pitfalls, so shop carefully

Green Growth Areas for Entrepreneurs

If you want to jump on the environmental business bandwagon, these tips will help you succeed and save you time

Finding a Home for Your Business

Starting a new business or moving an existing one can seem like a daunting task. Here are some things to consider before making your move:

Feeling Lucky?

Seven steps to ensuring your product's success

Effective Teambuilding

Four essentials all great teams need

Confused by the Statistics?

The data cover a grab bag of businesses, from one-person operations to part-timers to eBay sellers, making analysis difficult

Lessons from Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz

Use these persuasive communication skills in your workplace

Product Launch (Part 1)

It takes lots of trial and error to get your offering in shape for the market. But time invested in development is usually well-spent

Product Launch (Part 2)

A realistic business model is the second step to successful launch

The Entrepreneurs' Library

Four steps to getting the most out of an unlikely resource

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