Find Your Undiscovered Leaders Sometimes the best leaders aren't the best players. Using social network analysis can help find unsung leaders who have the respect of the team.
Bolster Team Bonds Many coaches, and managers, focus on relationships between themselves and their players. For Cirovski, it's the links between teammates that matter most.
Flag Emerging Leaders The "relationship survey," as Cirovski calls the analysis, helps him identify players who could be captains two to three years later, building a roster of future leaders.
Protect the Chemistry After the 2001 season, Cirovski felt like he had a solid team in place. Rather than disturb team dynamics, he didn't recruit in 2002 for the following season.

Building a Better Team

A winning coach's tips on finding, and growing, off-the-radar leaders

By Jena McGregor
Social network analysis led Maryland Terps' coach Sasho Cirovski to change his approach to team-building and the results paid off

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