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Jul 30, 2014

This Week's Top Story

This Week's Top Story - Groupon Founder's Next Big Plan: Audio Walking Tours

Second Acts

Groupon Founder's Next Big Plan: Audio Walking Tours

Groupon's former CEO has a new pitch: GPS-guided audio walking tours

More Top Stories

Wall Street Is Really Confused by Twitter

Twitter's results weren't that much different from last quarter's. The big difference: expectations

Can Startups Help Fashion Brands Battle Amazon?

These small companies have tech savvy that big fashion brands crave

OKCupid Brags That It Experiments on Humans, Too

OKCupid does all sorts of interesting research on its users—just like Facebook

Google's Android Has a Fake-ID Problem

A flaw could let hackers forge applications' digital signatures, researchers say

Campaigning Via Hologram Is Coming to the U.S.

Remember when Wolf Blitzer talked to Jessica Yellin’s hologram in 2008? HologramUSA envisions so much more

SocialRank Knows Who's Following You (on Twitter)

The startup designed a tool to help companies parse their social-network followers better

The Music Industry Wants Royalties From Ford. It Won't Get Them

Record companies say that auto companies have to pay them every time they put a CD burner in a car dashboard

How a Zillow-Trulia Merger Could Finally Change the Business of Real Estate

The $3.5 billion merger highlights how little has changed in the stubbornly old-fashioned way we buy and sell houses

Uber and Airbnb Welcome Corporate Travelers to the Sharing World

Here's why two of the buzziest Internet startups are sharing the spotlight with Concur, a less-than-sexy corporate-expense-management company

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Dispatches from the gee-whiz economy: sneakers that count calories and give directions, and a ring that reads aloud.


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