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MBA Express

Dec 17, 2014

This Week's Top Story

This Week's Top Story - These Are the Students Getting the Biggest Signing Bonuses Next Year

These Are the Students Getting the Biggest Signing Bonuses Next Year

Hint: they're not creative writing majors

More Top Stories

Virginia's Plan to Crack Down on Campus Rape Could Backfire

A proposal by Virginia lawmakers to make state schools report all campus rapes to police may have unintended consequences

Everything You Need to Know to Get a Consultant Job at Deloitte

If you haven't met the recruiter before you show up to an interview, you're done

Here's Why the Russian Ruble Is Collapsing

What's driving the ruble's nose dive, and what does it mean for Russia?

Should I Tell My Boss It’s My Birthday?

Now that I’m an adult with a boss, I typically start to worry about whether I should tell my boss about my birthday two to three months before it happens

Shopping in Russia Just Got Really Weird

Russians are doing strange things in response to the country's largest single-day currency drop in 16 years

The Perils of Reporting on Rape

Journalists who cover rape cases and issues must pose uncomfortable questions to people who have been traumatized

You're Probably Wrong About How Much Debt You Have

Almost a third of students with federal debt say they don't have any federal debt

Four Charts That Explain Why America Has Too Many Law Schools

A new law school just got official status. That's bad news for the law school

Here's Why Your Boss Is So Mean to You

It's not you. He's just sleepy

Forced Out of Tinder, a Former Exec Creates a Less Creepy Dating App

Whitney Wolfe, a former executive who sued Tinder for sexual harassment in June, is launching a dating app called Bumble that will compete directly with Tinder by offering women greater power over interactions with men

What Is Going On With This Columbia Woman-Power Parody Video?

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This week in MBA Express

Great news for college seniors (and their parents): More than half the companies contacted say they plan to hand out signing bonuses to next year’s graduates, according to a National Association of Colleges and Employers survey of 260 employers.

Students who majored in business, engineering, or computer science are the most likely to enjoy this one-time payout for their services. (Sorry, humanities majors.)

Food and Beverage manufactures were most likely to give bonuses, while government jobs—typically lower paying than the private sector–were least likely to enrich new hires with a bonus.

Also this week: New data suggests that Virginia’s plan to require state schools to report all sexual assault cases could backfire; if you have your heart set on becoming a Deloitte consultant, read this; get up to speed on the Russian rubble collapse; and college students really don’t know how much debt they have (but you can bet there parents do).


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