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Jan 21, 2015

This Week's Top Story

This Week's Top Story - Post-Scandal, UVA Frat Parties Rage On

Post-Scandal, UVA Frat Parties Rage On

Fraternities and sororities signed an agreement to curb underage drinking. Will it change anything?

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This week in MBA Express

Rush has been going on at the University of Virginia since 1852, when the university’s first fraternity was established. But this year’s rush week, which kicked off on Jan. 16, holds new significance: Depending on who you ask, the student rituals embody either an unchecked culture of sexual violence and underage drinking or a community victimized by stigma and false accusations.

UVA is one of only a handful of schools in the country that the Department of Education has put under a “compliance review” for failing to properly handle sexual violence complaints. The school has instituted new rules to curb underage drinking, but now the hard part starts: figuring out if those regulations make a difference.

Also this week: You may be paying too much for that law degree; NASA has a workforce problem; and please John Boehner, don’t make Taylor Swift GIFs.

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