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Investing Intelligence

Aug 1, 2014

This Week's Top Story

This Week's Top Story - Does Virgin America Have Too Many Frills to be a Good Stock?

Will It Fly?

Does Virgin America Have Too Many Frills to be a Good Stock?

Virgin America touts low costs and a premium service for its IPO, but investors may be leery about an airline whose flights are too "nice"

More Top Stories

Bringing High Finance Down to Earth

A “jagazine” tries to simplify abstruse academic research

Investing on the Dip: 2014 Pays Off

It's been an excellent year for buying on stock market drops

Distressed-Debt Investors Turn to Italian Banks' Bad Loans

Investors are buying up Italy's nonperforming loans in anticipation of a recovery

Why Alibaba Might Want to Invest in Snapchat

The e-commerce titan is in talks regarding financing the disappearing-selfie service at a $10 billion valuation

Investing In Other People's Life Insurance Makes a Comeback

The market for buying and selling other people's life insurance policies grew 20 percent in 2013

Wall Street Is Really Confused by Twitter

Twitter's results weren't that much different from last quarter's. The big difference: expectations

Hedge Fund Turns a Nervous Eye Toward Mega Sun Storm

A massive electromagnetic pulse could wipe out electric grids and cause "unimaginable consequences" for the global economy. Elliott Management says it's time to start preparing

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This week in Investing Intelligence

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