Happy 55th birthday, NASA

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Omnicom-Publicis: Too Many People, Not Enough Robots

The two ad giants combined earned $175,000 in annual revenue per worker over the last five years. How does that compare to another ad giant — say, Google?

Hey Merrill Lynch, It's Not a Good Idea to Tell Women to 'Seduce the Boys' Club'

So it turns out women don't like it when their bosses give them a book that suggests they flirt their way to the top, writes Claire Suddath.

Selling Las Vegas: How Macau Gamblers Are Lured to Sin City

Las Vegas has lower taxes, better shopping, and it's close to L.A. Not to mention Celine Dion and, if you time it right, a whole lot of Elvis impersonators.

Life Imitates Hollywood in a $136 Million Jewelry Heist

Yesterday morning, at the Carlton Intercontinental Hotel in Cannes, a man wearing a cap and bandanna and brandishing an automatic pistol walked into a ground-floor exhibition room and walked out with a suitcase full of roughly $136 million in diamonds and jewels.

Video: Congress Locks Tax Loopholes in a Safe. No, Really

Brendan Greeley looks at the 2013 version of Congressional tax reform and finds it, well, a little less transparent than he'd hoped.


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