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EXIM and SBI Global CP: India Money Markets

October 07, 2013

Following is a table showing commercial paper reported by Companies. The data has been provided by JM Financial, LKP Securities Limited, NVS Brokerage Ltd. and SPA Securities Ltd.

T = Tentative C = Confirmed

Deal Date Sect Mty Date Qtm(Crs.) Rate Buyer Ctrb Status 7-Oct-13 SBI GLOBAL INTRAMONTH 100 9.70 NVSB T 7-Oct-13 EXIM 27-Jan-14 700 9.40 LKPS T 7-Oct-13 SBI GLOBAL 31-Oct-14 9.70 LKPS T 7-Oct-13 CPCL 9-Dec-13 9.46 NVSB T 7-Oct-13 IOC 20-Dec-13 9.44 NVSB T 7-Oct-13 IOC 20-Dec-13 1000 9.44 SPAS T 7-Oct-13 CPCL 9-Dec-13 500 9.46 SPAS T 7-Oct-13 JM FINANCIAL 3 MONTHS 100 10.50 MF JMFS C 7-Oct-13 JM FINANCIAL 3-Jan-14 10 10.40 MF JMFS C 7-Oct-13 FEDBANK FIN 2 MONTHS 50 9.91 MF LKPS T 7-Oct-13 IOC DEC 9.44 MF LKPS T

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