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Japan's No. 1 Mobile Game 'Puzzle & Dragons' Is Headed for Europe

June 13, 2013

GungHo Online Entertainment, the Tokyo-based game developer, has apparently solved the puzzle of how to create a mobile application that's wildly profitable.

Take a minute to digest these mind-blowing stats for the company's "Puzzle & Dragons" game: 13 million downloads in Japan, which represents 10 percent of the country's population. And it's the No. 1 highest-grossing game on both iOS and Android in March.

Kazuki Morishita, GungHo's chief executive officer, isn't done yet, he said in an interview with Bloomberg Television.

"With smartphone games, we are moving into the North American market and Korea," he said. "We are trying to expand to Europe and eventually provide our games globally."

Morishita's global conquest, dragons in tow, is like "Game of Thrones" playing out in real life. Let's hope no one loses a limb.

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