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Cameron Vow to ‘Stick to Course We Are On’ After Poll Result

March 03, 2013

The ruling Conservative Party is determined to win the “battle for Britain’s future,” Prime Minister David Cameron writes in an article in the Sunday Telegraph.

It “is a battle we will win only if we reject the cynicism, the political calculation and the easy ways out -- and stick to the course we are on,” Cameron said in response to last week’s Eastleigh by-election result in which his party came third.

He said the battle for Britain’s future “will not be won in lurching to the right, nor by some cynical attempt to calculate the middle distance between your political opponents and then planting yourself somewhere between them.”

The U.K. cannot build a “genuinely strong economy by cutting yourself off from vital markets or new technologies, or by backing off from vital decisions about infrastructure, housing or planning,” he said.

“We are turning the tide on years of decline -- and building a Britain for those who work hard and want to get on,” Cameron writes. “And we need to go further. We need to get more houses built. We need to build new roads and railways and energy connections. Some reading this may not like that; but as I have made clear, this is not a popularity contest but a battle for Britain’s future.”

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