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HDFC Bank & NABARD Bank & CP:India Money Markets

January 21, 2013

Following is a table showing commercial paper reported by Companies. The data has been provided by LKP Securities, NVS Brokerage Ltd., SPA Securities Ltd and Trust Financial Consultancy Services

Date           Security        Mty Date   Qty       Rate Buyer     Contributor
21-Jan-13      HDFC            25-Mar-13  500       8.14 BKS & MF  TFCS
21-Jan-13      HDFC            25-Mar-13  625       8.14 BKS & MF  SPAS
21-Jan-13      HDFC            25-Mar-13  500       8.14           NVSB
21-Jan-13      NABARD          31-Jan-13  500       8.15           NVSB
21-Jan-13      IOC             26-Mar-13            8.07           NVSB
21-Jan-13      IOC             26-Mar-13            8.07           LKPS
21-Jan-13      SABERO GENERICS 2 MONTHS   25        9.25           NVSB
21-Jan-13      CORO INTL       2 MONTHS   100       8.16           NVSB

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