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Certificate of Deposits Reported: India Money Markets

September 26, 2012

Following is a table showing certificate of deposits reported by Companies. The data has been provided by the Fixed Income Money Market & Derivatives Association of India.

ISIN         Security         Mty Avg PX   Avg     LT    Trds   Trds     Date 
                                           Yld     Yld          (Crs)   
INE428A16HS0 ALLAHABAD BK 6298.598.418.418550 27NV12
INE160A16GL6 PNB5898.698.388.396525 23NV12
INE160A16GM4 PNB6498.558.388.3811525 29NV12
INE428A16HU6 ALLAHABAD BK 7998.218.448.442500 14DC12
INE476A16IO6 CANBANK 6598.538.398.394500 30NV12
INE667A16AU4 SYND. BNK5898.698.378.375500 23NV12
INE040A16867 HDFC BANK31492.878.938.936400 06AG13
INE428A16HM3 ALLAHABAD BK 6598.538.418.415375 30NV12
INE476A16IP3 CANBANK 5898.698.388.393350 23NV12
INE648A16EY8 SBBJ 6598.538.358.366250 30NV12
INE090A16UQ5 ICICI BK  25994.078.898.894250 12JU13
INE090A16VE9 ICICI BK  28193.558.958.955250 04JL13
INE654A16CM5 ST. BK TRAV. 36491.908.848.828245 25SP13
INE040A16826 HDFC BANK26194.048.878.873200 14JU13
INE428A16HJ9 ALLAHABAD BK 6498.558.408.405175 29NV12
INE483A16DT2 CBOI5498.788.368.363175 19NV12
INE648A16EX0 SBBJ 5698.748.328.321150 21NV12
INE483A16DK1 CBOI899.828.358.352125 04OT12
INE476A16GT9 CANBANK 16996.168.638.622123 14MR13
INE483A16BX8 CBOI8398.128.408.401100 18DC12
INE562A16BJ8 INDIAN BK 25094.328.808.802100 03JU13
INE562A16BQ3 INDIAN BK 26893.938.818.811100 21JU13
INE040A16826 HDFC BANK26094.068.878.871100 14JU13
INE040A16867 HDFC BANK31392.898.938.931100 06AG13
INE160A16IK4 PNB36391.928.848.84375 24SP13
INE160A16GT9 PNB8398.118.458.45375 18DC12
INE565A16541 IOB13496.948.608.60175 07FB13
INE476A16FV7 CANBANK 13996.838.598.59175 12FB13
INE476A16FW5 CANBANK 13596.928.598.59150 08FB13
INE476A16GTC ANBANK 16896.198.618.61150 14MR13
INE483A16CEC BOI14496.718.628.62150 18FB13
INE476A16IP3 CANBANK 5798.728.298.29150 23NV12
INE476A16GJ0 CANBANK 15696.458.608.60250 01MR13
INE476A16GJ0 CANBANK 15596.488.608.60150 01MR13
INE476A16GN2 CANBANK 15996.398.608.60150 04MR13
INE648A16DC6 SBBJ 6498.568.358.35150 29NV12
INE649A16CE2 ST BK OF HYBD18195.898.658.65150 26MR13
INE483A16DQ8 CBOI6198.628.408.40250 26NV12
INE160A16HG4 PNB15596.478.618.61150 01MR13
INE160A16HM2 PNB15996.398.608.60150 05MR13
INE141A16GM4 OBC BNK15396.528.618.61150 26FB13
INE141A16HS9 OBC BNK25494.218.838.83150 07JU13
INE141A16ID9 OBC BNK27493.788.838.83150 27JU13
INE428A16HK7 ALLAHABAD BK 899.828.358.35150 04OT12
INE040A16859 HDFC BANK27993.608.958.95150 02JL13
INE028A16375 BK OF BARODA 14696.698.578.57150 19FB13
INE028A16391 BK OF BARODA 15496.518.578.57150 27FB13
INE084A16683 BK INDIA16096.368.628.62150 05MR13
INE084A16774 BK INDIA18095.938.608.60150 25MR13
INE084A16790 BK INDIA17496.048.658.65250 20MR13
INE112A16BC7 CORP BANK15296.558.578.57150 25FB13
INE112A16BE3 CORP BANK15896.408.638.63150 04MR13
INE692A16AT4 UNION BK 5498.778.418.41150 20NV12
INE652A16CZ1 SBOP7898.238.438.43150 14DC12
INE652A16ED4 SBOP35692.068.858.85150 17SP13
INE084A16675 BK INDIA14296.758.638.78235 15FB13
INE028A16409 BK OF BARODA 15996.398.608.60125 04MR13
INE008A16IQ2 IDBI BANK 9397.898.468.46125 28DC12
INE008A16JG1 IDBI BK  15496.498.628.62125 28FB13
INE008A16JI7 IDBI BK  16696.228.648.64125 11MR13
INE112A16BF0 CORP BANK17995.928.688.68125 25MR13
INE084A16774 BK INDIA17995.928.688.68125 25MR13
INE084A16832 BK INDIA24994.348.808.80125 03JU13
INE237A16MG0 KOTAK MAH. BK.1999.568.458.45225 15OT12
INE141A16GU7 OBC BNK16396.308.608.60125 08MR13
INE141A16GX1 OBC BNK17795.978.658.65125 22MR13
INE160A16HZ4 PNB27393.828.808.80125 26JU13
INE528G16RA1 YES BK  36391.838.958.95125 24SP13
INE649A16CN3 ST BK OF HYBD27493.778.868.86125 27JU13
INE565A16533 IOB11897.308.578.57125 22JN13
INE476A16GN2 CANBANK 15896.408.638.63125 04MR13
INE476A16GP7 CANBANK 16296.328.608.60125 07MR13
INE483A16DE4 CBOI25494.208.858.85125 07JU13
INE476A16GB7 CANBANK 14796.668.598.59125 20FB13
INE651A16CW0 S BK MYSORE15696.458.608.60125 01MR13
INE652A16CW8 SBOP7898.238.438.43125 13DC12
INE141A16FK0 OBC BNK6798.468.508.50120 03DC12
INE434A16BH4 ANDHRA BK 16996.198.558.55115 14MR13
INE434A16BP7 ANDHRA BK 18295.878.658.65110 28MR13
INE565A16616 IOB17596.028.658.65110 21MR13
INE084A16816 BK INDIA18395.848.658.65210 28MR13
INE528G16QN6 YES BK  32092.758.928.9214.5 12AG13
INE565A16525 IOB10097.738.468.4612 04JN13
INE434A16AP9 ANDHRA BK 7298.378.408.4012 07DC12
INE562A16AO0 INDIAN BK 13197.028.578.5711.25 04FB13
INE476A16FP9 CANBANK 9297.918.468.4611 27DC12
INE090A16VW1 ICICI BK  32092.798.878.8711 12AG13
INE651A16CU4 S BK MYSORE11097.528.438.4310.25 14JN13

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