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BOI & PNB CDs Deals: Indian Money Market

September 04, 2012

Following is a table showing certificate of deposits dealt by Indian companies. The data has been provided by NVS Brokerage Ltd.,SPA Securities Ltd.And Trust Financial Consultancy Services

Date      Sect    Mty Date  Qtm(Crs.)Rate   Buyer     Seller      CTRB
04-Sep-12 BOM     10-Sep-12          8.03                         NVSB
04-Sep-12 CANARA  13-Sep-12          8.05   UBI       PERRLESS MF SPAS
04-Sep-12 PNB     17-Sep-12 50       8.05   UBI       BMF         SPAS
04-Sep-12 BOM     10-Sep-12 100      8.03   UBI       RIL MF      SPAS
04-Sep-12 SBM     19-Oct-12 25       8.22   DENA BK   PRAM. MF    SPAS
04-Sep-12 UCO     24-Sep-12 25       8.12   SIDBI     UNION KBC   SPAS
04-Sep-12 CANARA  24-Sep-12 25       8.12   SIDBI     UNION KBC   SPAS
04-Sep-12 SBT     06-Feb-12 100      8.73                         SPAS
04-Sep-12 OBC     30-Nov-12 50       8.3250                       SPAS
04-Sep-12 UNION   19-Dec-12 50       8.40                         SPAS
04-Sep-12 OBC     28-Feb-12 50       8.79                         SPAS
04-Sep-12 PNB     24-Sep-12 175      8.05                         SPAS
04-Sep-12 FEDERAL 14-Sep-12 50       8      PRAM. MF  AXIS MF     TFCS
04-Sep-12 SBBJ    06-Sep-12 25       7.8    REL MF    TAURUS MF   TFCS
04-Sep-12 SBBJ    06-Sep-12 25       7.8    PEERL. MF TAURUS MF   TFCS
04-Sep-12 BOI     14-Sep-12 25       7.90   PRAM. MF  BNP MF      TFCS
04-Sep-12 SBM     12-Oct-12 10       8.24   L&T MF    KOTAK LIFE  TFCS
04-Sep-12 OBC     28-Feb-13 25       8.79   PRAM. MF  BOM         TFCS
04-Sep-12 PNB     24-Sep-12 75       8.05   BOB MF    ICICI BK    TFCS
04-Sep-12 PNB     17-Sep-12 100      8.00   REL MF    ICICI BK    TFCS

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