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Cameroon’s Average Cocoa Exports Rose 2.6% in Week to July 2

July 03, 2012

The cocoa export price from Cameroon’s main port of Douala rose by 2.6 percent, or 30 CFA francs (6 cents), to 1,182 CFA francs a kilogram (2.2 pounds) during the week to yesterday, according to a Bloomberg calculation based on data from the country’s Cocoa and Coffee Board, sent through mobile-phone text message.

A total of 167,272 metric tons has been exported since the start of the season, compared with 188,304 tons shipped in the previous year, the board said on June 26.

The following is a table of exports rates (Free on Board) at the port in CFA francs per kilogram.

July 02          1,241
June 29          1,196
June 28          1,196
June 27          1,138
June 26          1,138
Average          1,182

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