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Apple Submits Updated Plans for 'Spaceship'

June 12, 2012

Apple's 'Spaceship' Campus

The projected $104 billion valuation is enough to build Apple's new spaceship-looking campus not just in Cupertino, California, but in every country on earth. The cost of construction of Apple's circular offices is estimated at about $500 million, according to the Mercury News.

Mark Zuckerberg, who has been compared to Steve Jobs, may want a different design than a flying saucer for his corporate campus. Perhaps something in the shape of a big thumbs up?

{M2P3N86VDKHS01} Source: Photograph by City of Cupertino via Bloomberg

Apple Computer submitted updated and official designs for its new 'Spaceship' campus to the city of Cupertino, California this past week. Included in the plans are a rectangular common area, a solar panel roof and a surrounding apricot orchard. Bloomberg's Matt Miller reports. (Source: Bloomberg)

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