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New Democracy, Pasok Could Form Greek Coalition: Official Tally

May 06, 2012

Antonis Samaras’s New Democracy party led in Greek elections today, falling short of the outright majority he sought to govern alone, official projections showed.

New Democracy won 19.2 percent of the vote and gained 109 seats in the 300-seat legislature, according to official projections from the Interior Ministry based on partially counted returns. Anti-bailout party Syriza gained 16.3 percent and 50 seats, while socialist Pasok, with 13.6 percent, gained 42 seats.

On the basis of the initial figures, New Democracy and Pasok, who have both supported imposing austerity measures in return for bailout funds from the European Union and International Monetary Fund, would gain a majority of 151 in the 300-seat parliament if they chose to form a coalition.

Anti-immigrant party Golden Dawn received 7 percent of the vote and will have 22 seats, according to the projections.

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