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Bloomberg News Graphics Advisory for Sept. 30

September 30, 2011

Bloomberg News has moved or plans to move the following graphics over our photo delivery Web site, and our newswire Web site, Updates to this advisory will move as needed. Related stories carry the same slug, unless otherwise noted. All times indicated are for New York.

The graphics department can be reached at Inquiries on this advisory should be directed to Jeffrey Tannenbaum at (Please do not respond to this e-mail.)

POLL_TAX_MILLIONAIRES_093011. Graphic shows select results from the latest Bloomberg Global Poll. Investors overwhelmingly support President Barack Obama’s proposed tax increase for those with annual incomes of $1 million or more in an effort to reduce the deficit. Size: 2C X 3in. (96.0 mm X 76.2 mm) Available now.

COD_RECESSION_OIL_093011. CHART OF THE DAY. Graphic shows that jumps in oil prices preceded 10 of the last 11 U.S. recessions. An oil spike in April, when unrest in Libya threatened to spread to other oil-producing countries in the region, increased the odds that the U.S. will again fall into a recession, according to James Hamilton, a research associate with the National Bureau of Economic Research. Size: 2C X 4in. (96.0 mm X 101.6 mm) Expected by 15:00.



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