Microsoft on Trial:
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Feb. 26, 1999 Decoding the Trial: Even If Microsoft Crashes, It May Not Get Burned
Feb. 26, 1999 Before the Long Recess, an Official Eruption
Feb. 25, 1999 Microsoft's Kempin Sure Has a Way with Words
Feb. 23, 1999 Tuesday's Glass Is Half-Full
Feb. 22, 1999 A Revised History from Microsoft's Rosen

End of Week Eighteen
Feb. 19, 1999 Decoding the Trial: Aggrieved PC Makers Are Out of Sight, but Making Themselves Heard
Feb. 19, 1999 One Step Forward for Microsoft's Defense
Feb. 18, 1999 Compaq's Rescue Mission Is Pinned Down by Heavy Fire
Feb. 17, 1999 It's Not Easy Sticking Up for Microsoft
Feb. 16, 1999 A Smoking Gun -- That's Almost Nine Years Old

End of Week Seventeen
Feb. 12, 1999 Decoding the Trial: Plenty of Faux Pas, but Are They Really Fatal?
Feb. 11, 1999 Maybe Microsoft Should Download a New Defense
Feb. 9, 1999 Just What Microsoft Needed: A Blunderless Day

End of Week Sixteen
Feb. 5, 1999 Decoding the Trial: Microsoft's Desktop Monopoly Isn't Worth All This Fuss
Feb. 4, 1999 Microsoft's Sequel: This Time It Works, Sort Of
Feb. 3, 1999 Buggy Video and More, Microsoft Is Going Backward
Feb. 2, 1999 Microsoft: Let's Go to the Videotape. Er, Not That Videotape
Feb. 1, 1999 Is Win 98's Integrated Browser That Big of a Benefit?

End of Week Fifteen
Jan. 29, 1999 Decoding the Trial: Microsoft Misses Its First Shot
Jan. 28, 1999 Nailed by Its Own E-Mail?
Jan. 27, 1999 Allchin to the Defense
Jan. 26, 1999 Paul Maritz and Marathon Man: Both Got a Real Drilling

End of Week Fourteen
Jan. 22, 1999 Decoding the Trial: Will the Sabotage Claim Stick? Not Likely
Jan. 21, 1999 Of Operating Systems, Cigarettes, and Toothpaste
Jan. 20, 1999 The Only Operating-System Show in Town
Jan. 19, 1999 Throw the Past at Him

End of Week Thirteen
Jan. 15, 1999 Decoding the Trial: Inside Microsoft's Defense Strategy
Jan. 14, 1999 These Monopoly Sessions Are No Game
Jan. 13, 1999 A Rough Scene I for Act II
Jan. 12, 1999 A Preemptive Strike on Microsoft's First Witness
Jan. 11, 1999 Is the Software Industry a Special Case?

End of Week Twelve
Jan. 7, 1999 Ending the First Half with a Standoff
Jan. 6, 1999 What's the Meaning of the Merger?
Jan. 5, 1999 Intuit's Harris Shoots, and Misses
Jan. 4, 1999 Bully -- or Buddy -- to Intuit?

End of Week Nine (Trial recessed two weeks for the holidays)
Dec. 18, 1998 Decoding the Trial: Near Halftime, the Score Is...
Dec. 17, 1998 The Bundled Browser Debate, Continued
Dec. 16, 1998 Some Holiday Cheer for Microsoft
Dec. 15, 1998 Highlights from the Gates Tapes
Dec. 14, 1998 Windows and Internet Explorer: Separate and Unequal

End of Week Eight
Dec. 11, 1998 Decoding the Trial: The View from Microsoft's Only "Juror"
Dec. 10, 1998 Judge Jackson Burns Justice on Java
Dec. 9, 1998 Microsoft: Sun and Its Pals Ganged Up on Us
Dec. 8, 1998 The Very Model of a Modern Operating System?
Dec. 7, 1998 Bill Gates on Video: This Time He's Live -- and Lively

End of Week Seven
Dec. 4, 1998 Decoding the Trial: Outside the Courthouse, a Spin War Rages
Dec. 3, 1998 Microsoft's Java Cup: Half Full
Dec. 2, 1998 Microsoft Puts Java on Trial
Dec. 1, 1998 Numbers That Make Microsoft Look Bad
Nov. 30, 1998 The Economist Who Wouldn't Back Down

End of Week Six
Nov. 24, 1998 Despite the New Net Troika, the Trial Goes On
Nov. 23, 1998 Unexpected Testimony

End of Week Five
Nov. 20, 1998 Decoding the Trial: After Java, le Deluge?
Nov. 19, 1998 Pinning the Monopolist Tag on Microsoft
Nov. 18, 1998 But Who Will Java Burn?
Nov. 17, 1998 OS/2 vs. Windows, All Over Again
Nov. 16, 1998 Bundling Is Bad. Is Not! Is Too!

End of Week Four
Nov. 13, 1998 Decoding the Trial: Now It's Bring on the Experts
Nov. 12, 1998 A Day for Prima Donnas, Mad Dogs, and Devils
Nov. 10, 1998 Why Did Intel Drop This Software Project?
Nov. 9, 1998 Intel's McGeady: The Threat Was "Credible" and "Terrifying"

End of Week Three
Nov. 6, 1998 Decoding the Trial: Trading Blows, but No Knockout Punches
Nov. 5, 1998 The Outbursts That Punctuated a Tedious Day
Nov. 5, 1998 Barksdale Q&A: "The Case Is About the Future of the Internet"
Nov. 4, 1998 Apple's Tevanian: Still Sounds Like "Sabotage" to Me
Nov. 4, 1998 Will Demonizing Gates Come Back to Haunt Justice?
Nov. 3, 1998 Apple's Tevanian: How Microsoft Strong-Armed Us
Nov. 2, 1998 This Version of Bill Gates Has a Memory Problem

End of Week Two
Oct. 29, 1998 Plenty of Gawkers, No Main Event
Oct. 28, 1998 AOL's Colburn Sticks to the Script
Oct. 27, 1998 Microsoft and Apple: An Abusive Quid Pro Quo?
Oct. 27, 1998 Your Stand on Microsoft: Survey Results
Oct. 27, 1998 Steve Case on AOL, the Online World -- and Microsoft
Oct. 26, 1998 Netscape's Double-Edged Documents

End of Week One
Oct. 23, 1998 What's on Tap in Week Two
Oct. 22, 1998 Did Netscape Concoct the Divide-and-Conquer Proposal?
Oct. 21, 1998 Barksdale Breaks a Sweat in What Could Be a Marathon
Oct. 21, 1998 One Meeting, Two Versions of What Happened
Oct. 20, 1998 BW Poll: The Colossus of Redmond Stirs Mixed Feelings
Oct. 20, 1998 The Power Failure That Slowed Microsoft's Spin Machine
Oct. 20, 1998 Portrait of a Software Giant as a Bully
Oct. 19, 1998 A Book at the Center of the Microsoft Trial
Oct. 19, 1998 Justice vs. Microsoft: What's at Stake

What To Do About Microsoft
Leave it alone?
Regulate it?
Break it up?

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