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Toyota prepares to build Highlander SUVs in the U.S.

Posted by: Peter Coy on July 06

Toyota Motor Corp. has nearly completed a half-billion-dollar retooling of a plant in Princeton, Ind., so it can begin manufacturing Highlander SUVs there starting in October. The plan was…

Growing Bullish on Wall Street — Sort Of

Posted by: Joe Weber on June 10

“Both the macroeconomic and investment environments are now much brighter than they were, even a month ago,” writes chief investment officer Kevin Lecocq. “There has been a conspicuous recovery in many asset classes. Less obviously, but equally importantly, there are growing indications that output and consumption are not falling quite as sharply, setting the stage for economic recovery.”


BusinessWeek’s Joe Weber, Patricia O'Connell, Michelle Conlin, Frederik Balfour, Peter Coy, Greg Spielberg and Roger Crockett examine The Case for Optimism by looking past the financial turmoil and economic unrest gripping the globe to focus on the promising future that lies on the other side of this storm. We’ll chronicle the forward thinkers investing in R&D, launching promising new products, entering new markets, or implementing management and leadership.

See why BusinessWeek Editor-In-Chief Stephen J. Adler is optimistic about the economy amid the sharpest downturn since the Great Depression.

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