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Electric Car Superbatteries Surge Ahead

Posted by: Joe Weber on June 04

The materials developed by Argonne, which will be produced for battery-makers by BASF, can give batteries a 50-100% increase in energy-storage capacity. That can mean longer stretches between changes for small batteries in products such as cellphones and computers. For cars, the potent batteries could deliver far more miles between charges.


BusinessWeek’s Joe Weber, Patricia O'Connell, Michelle Conlin, Frederik Balfour, Peter Coy, Greg Spielberg and Roger Crockett examine The Case for Optimism by looking past the financial turmoil and economic unrest gripping the globe to focus on the promising future that lies on the other side of this storm. We’ll chronicle the forward thinkers investing in R&D, launching promising new products, entering new markets, or implementing management and leadership.

See why BusinessWeek Editor-In-Chief Stephen J. Adler is optimistic about the economy amid the sharpest downturn since the Great Depression.

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