A Silver Lining To The Tough Entry-Level Job Market?

Posted by: Lindsey Gerdes on June 01

A little while back I read an interesting blurb about the tough entry-level job market in one of my favorite magazines, The Week.

The author basically said that the implosion of Wall Street will drive some of the smart, ambitious students who once gravitated to investment banking to other industries and opportunities. After all, the possibility of six-figure pay right out of school was enough to drive many to the industry; whether they were truly suited for investment banking or not. Thoughts?

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June 2, 2009 04:10 AM

Ha! That's me exactly. I just graduated in Economics. The market is still pretty good for investment banking, but the combination of the economy and the tedious nature of the job made me look into marketing. There are plenty of other jobs which require technical analysis with excellent growth oppertunities, it seems a waste taking a job you'll dislike just for the salary.

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