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What Trade Sanctions?

Syria’s major export partners:
1. Iraq $4.7b
2. Lebanon $1.8b
3. Germany $1.4b
4. Italy $1.4b
5. Saudi Arabia $0.8b
Syria’s major import partners:
1. Saudi Arabia $3.0b
2. China $2.7b
3. Turkey $2.0b
4. Italy $1.5b
5. UAE $1.5b
Iran’s major export partners:
1. China $16.6b
2. Japan $10.1b
3. India $10.1b
4. Turkey $7.0b
5. Korea $6.3b
Iran’s major import partners:
1. UAE $22.4b
2. China $5.7b
3. Germany $4.5b
4. Turkey $3.8b
5. Korea $3.7b

Philips is an associate editor for Bloomberg Businessweek in Washington. Follow him on Twitter @matthewaphilips.

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