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Inside Google's New Look

Google staffers, including VP Marissa Mayer, explain the thinking behind a new look for the search results page

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Tweets Alongside the Gettysburg Address? So Wrong

The Library of Congress' plan to keep a digital archive of every public tweet—messages of 140 characters or fewer—since the microblogging site Twitter was launched in 2006 is silly. Most tweets are better forgotten. Pro or con?


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Lessons of the Spill

Poised for dramatic expansion, high-tech offshore drilling was considered ultrasafe. Then came BP's Deepwater Horizon disaster. What the company—and the industry—must do to bounce back

How Google Got Its New Look

The process that led to the redesign of Google's all-important search results page

How Much Is a CEO Worth?

Breaking down CEO pay

IN YOUR FACE: Most Small Employers Aren't Hiring

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Reader Robert writes:

Most small businesses do not have the ambition, personnel, or resources to become much larger


Charlie Rose Talks To...

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Charlie Rose talks to Jimmy Lee

Storied dealmaker James B. "Jimmy" Lee Jr. of JPMorgan Chase helped engineer the United-Continental merger. This is an edited version of our conversation on May 4