The B-School Life

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Special Report

Why MBAs are Going East

Unprecedented growth, good salaries, and the ability to make an impact faster make Asia the new promised land for B-school grads

With Jobs Scarce, MBAs Create Their Own

Entrepreneurship is hot in B-schools, as a tough job market prods MBAs to start their own businesses

Richard Florida: The U.S. Is Facing a 'Talent Shift'

The bestselling author worries about the consequences of so many American-educated MBAs starting their careers in Asia

Slide Show: As Careers Wither, Dreams Beckon

What can you do when the economy sends the industry you hoped to join into a tailspin? Here are the stories of recent grads who have taken an alternate route to a job they never dreamed would be theirs.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Soars on B-School Campuses

Thomas Kinnear of Michigan's Zell Lurie Institute reports that business-plan competitions and entrepreneurship classes are packed