Obama's Next Act

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Buffett Seeks More Deals

Warren Buffett, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., talks about the prospects for more acquisitions following Berkshire's purchase of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp.

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Special Report

Obama Starts Over

After a tough first year, the President's economic agenda and standing will be challenged again in 2010 by soaring joblessness, ugly budget deficits, and Obama fatigue among independent voters

An Unlikely Guardian

Bank monitor Patrick Parkinson's intellectual backflip on policing derivatives has skeptics worried

Dancing Across the Aisle

The Senate odd couple who just might pull off a bipartisan deal on financial regulation

The FCC's Genachowski: On a Broadband Crusade

The commissioner, a Friend of Obama, is charged with bringing the U.S. Internet, a longtime laggard, up to speed

Taxes: Ready to Rumble

How Obama will target business, and how business will fight back

Obama Still Moves the Merch

His approval rating is down, but tourists—and critics—are keeping his memorabilia market hot