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Steering Google Through Antitrust

A Q&A with Dana Wagner about Google’s approach to competition and concerns about its market dominance

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Pass the Patent Reform Act

The current U.S. patent system is broken. It stifles innovation. Congress needs to pass the Patent Reform Act now. Pro or con?


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Help Wanted: Why That Sign's Bad

The nation has 3 million jobs going begging. And without retraining, U.S. workers may not be able to fill them

The Art of CEO Succession

Pulling off a CEO transition is never easy. DuPont's smooth baton-passing early this year underscores the importance of having a solid plan

About That New, "Friendly" Consumer Contract

Citibank, AT&T Wireless, ING Direct, and others are pushing simpler terms and lower rates. Consumers should keep reading the fine print


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Reader Dr. Deborah C. Peel Writes:

"The 19 billion dollars of stimulus funds for health technology should not go to any vendor incumbents unless major improvements are made to all primitive health IT systems and software."


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Inventing the Future Now

Many leaders are focused only on survival, but rebounds belong to the ready