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Ram Charan: Managing in Tough Times

Ram Charan speaks about his new book Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty. He tells CEOs to be aware 24/7 of their companies' cash position and customers' needs

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Business Should Spread the Love

Employers need to work harder at inspiring their workers' loyalty, thus promoting continuity and reducing turnover. Pro or con?


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Managing Through a Crisis: The New Rules

In times of turmoil, opportunities abound. All managers must do is keep their companies afloat, their eyes peeled for openings, and their bearings—as the old rules wash away

A Stronger Yen is Pummeling Japan

With exports suffering and consumers at home not spending, the government may have to intervene to hold down the currency and prop up the economy

What Big Three? Ford Motor Adopts a Scrappy Image

In declining a federal bailout, CEO Alan Mulally gambled that cash—and new models such as the Fusion Hybrid—can help Ford outlast its rivals




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Reader Peter Gray Writes:

"We cannot know the results of research in advance. Increasingly, funders are specifying what research is supposed to find, which is nonsense."


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The Loyalty Fallacy

Faithful but marginal employees often think they're safe. Play fair: Enlighten them


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The Coming Desktop Revolution?

Companies as varied as Nortel, Nationwide, and Bechtel are experimenting with virtual desktops that are likely to improve security—but will they reduce costs?

Companies Seek PC Alternatives

Bechtel Rebuilds Its Computer Network from Scratch

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