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Training Rats to Sniff Out Land Mines

Apopo's cheaper way to clear mine fields

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Social Entrepreneurs Turn Business Sense to Good

As charitable giving dries up, new kinds of leaders are taking on the world's problems, using the for-profit world as a model

Feeling Pinched, Some U.S. Philanthropists Give More

Meanwhile, nonprofits, from women's shelters to community theaters, are scrambling to find innovative ways to attract donations as they anticipate that 2009 will be the most difficult fundraising climate in years

Interactive Scoreboard: The 50 Top American Philanthropists

Moving into the Philanthropy Big Leagues

BW talks to Peter Peterson, William Barron Hilton, Mortimer Zuckerman, and Harvey Najim, four newcomers to BusinessWeek's 2008 list of 50 Most Generous Givers

A For-Profit Brings Clean Water to the Poor

WaterHealth International's Tralance Addy typifies one of the latest trends in entrepreneurship: helping the poor while making money