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Recruiter Roundtable

Top recruiting execs at IBM, Target, and Boston Consulting Group discuss entry-level recruiting and hiring in today’s tough economy.

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Protect Pregnant Workers

With pregnancy-discrimination claims against U.S. employers at record highs, pregnant workers need additional legal protection from bias. Pro or con?


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In a rough market, the e-company's strong profits put it among Asia's leaders

Outsourcing the Drug Industry

U.S. giants are rushing to partner with Indian and Chinese companies—tapping their brainpower and saving millions of dollars in the search for breakthrough treatments


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Reader Mary Bujold Writes

"Paralympians struggle for recognition as athletes first. Kudos to BusinessWeek and the corporations who recognize these athletes."


The Welch Way

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What's Hobbling the IRS?

When workers have civil service job security, managers have no means to motivate