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Europe’s biggest discount airline reports full-year results. Earnings likely rose 19%, to 31 euros ($48.70) per share.


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An Economist Sees $200-a-Barrel Oil

CIBC chief economist Jeff Rubin says that, with world oil demand soaring and production flat, it will require a price of $200 a barrel to bring supply and demand into balance.

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Tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Now that the price of oil has hit $135 a barrel, President Bush’s decision to stop adding to the SPR isn’t enough. The U.S. should deploy it to reduce prices. Pro or con?


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The double whammy of rising oil prices and plunging home prices could turn a mild recession into something more threatening

The Trouble with Background Checks

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Reader Twin Writes:

"We do not have a national policy for alternative sources. Big businesses (auto, petrol) and their lobbyists are driving our future into the ground by raking in tomorrow's profits, today."


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Boeing CEO Jim McNerney on Oil Prices and the 787

In a conversation with Maria Bartiromo, McNerney discusses the "double-edged impact" of high oil prices and his expectations for the 787