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Current BW Magazine Table of Contents

August 13, 2007 BW Magazine Table of Contents

August 13, 2007 Bonfire of the Builders Table of Contents

Bonfire Of The Builders
By rushing into the mortgage business big-time, homebuilders helped fuel the housing crisis

Online Extra: Slide Show: Built to Disappoint
The down-and-dirty tactics of some homebuilders are now coming to light in the fallout from the end of the housing boom

Online Extra: Table: Predatory Builders -- Homebuilding Sector Performance

You Call This A Home?
The next boom for builders may be complaints from angry homeowners

Online Extra: Angry Homeowners Take to the Web
As homebuilders struggle and houses get harder to sell, builder-bashing gripe sites are grabbing more attention and more traffic

Online Extra: Slide Show: Angriest Real Estate Gripe Sites
Disgruntled homeowners are turning to the Web to organize and attack unresponsive builders for faulty construction. Here are 12 sites that have generated the most anger and the most support

Another Reason For Those Empty Houses
Misreading demographic trends led builders to get ahead of demand

Online Extra: Video: Housing Woes

The Pain Moves Beyond Subprime
The debt and leveraged-buyout markets have stalled, and more trouble lies ahead

Online Extra: Video: Market Volatility

Seeking A Safer Financial Harbor
The smart money's easy-to-follow advice on how to protect your assets

Commentary: Lessons From Credit Disasters Past
History suggests that despite the subprime mess, money will keep flowing

The Buyout Boom's Dark Side
Spectrum Brands' plight could foreshadow what's ahead when the LBO high wears off

Sometimes Merger Math Just Doesn't Add Up
It can make risk seem to disappear

Bankruptcy Buzz Bugs Beazer

Shares fell sharply Wednesday amid rumors the homebuilder would file, which it called "scurrilous and unfounded"

Real Estate Bets in Shaky Times

TMost analysts are down on real estate investments, but investors can still benefit in some ways from exposure to the market

No Housing Turnaround for Two Years?

Home sales continued to slide in June, stoking fears that the slowdown could last at least until 2009

The New Rich Are Building Bigger

Amid subprime woes, today's ultra-wealthy continue to build enormous trophy homes as testaments to their success

Plus: Slide Show: Nouveau Riche Palaces

The Housing Mirage

It's getting harder to see how much longer the housing market will continue to drop before hitting bottom

10 Housing Markets: More Trouble Ahead

Investors see housing prices headed for further declines over the next year

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