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July 30, 2007 BW Magazine Table of Contents

July 30, 2007 IDEA Table of Contents

The Best Product Design Of 2007
This year's awards run the gamut from "split-head" hammers to ultralight jets to savings plans for shoppers

Online Extra: Slide Show: IDEA Insight
In this narrated slide show, BusinessWeek Assistant Managing Editor, Bruce Nussbaum, analyzes trends and themes from this year's International Design Excellence Awards

Slide Show: Responsible Style
Eco-friendly designs were big winners at this year's IDEA

Slide Show: Remaking The Ordinary
These designs refashion traditional and familiar products already in our homes, demonstrating how smart design can change our personal environment

Slide Show: Great Enablers
Universal designs that create things that everyone can use, regardless of their abilities

Slide Show: The Catalyst Awards
These prizes are given to products that value commercial market success alongside good design

Online Extra: Slide Show: Winners 2007

Online Extra: Interactive Table: All Winners

Online Extra: Leveling the Field in the Weight Room
Ten weeks of role-playing led to a design to help the wheelchair-bound at the gym. That design earned the IDEA Best in Show award

Online Extra: Slide Show: Eder's Egalitarian Exerciser
Ryan Eder was the first student ever to win Best in Show for his gold-winning Access exercise machine, which would enable the physically challenged to work out

Online Extra: Case Study: Costco
How Toronto-based Kerr & Co. and Hahn Smith Design created a new line of Gourmet Settings utensils that could stand out in Costco's bare-bones retail environment

Online Extra: The Eclipse: Safety By Design
Pilot-friendliness means pilot safety, so this aviation company hired designers from Ideo to create the flight deck for its SUV-size jet

Online Extra: Slide Show: The Slick New Eclipse Jet
To design a brand new aircraft the size of an SUV, a design team from Ideo asked pilots to test a a mock-up with Post-it Note controls

Online Extra: Slide Show: Flatware That's Anything But Flat
Two Toronto design firms collaborate to create a holistic design strategy for an eye-catching, award-winning brand of eating utensils sold at Costco

Online Extra: Putting A Face On The Jury
IDEA's new international outlook required a panel of jurors with a world of design experience. IDEA Chair Ruth Soénius explains the process

Online Extra: Meet the IDEA Jury
Read up on the impressive qualifications of the judges of this year's BusinessWeek/IDSA International Design Excellence Awards

Tesla: A Carmaker With Silicon Valley Spark
The tech veterans behind Tesla think they know a better way to build an electric car

Online Extra: Slide Show: Tesla Roadster: Electric Power
Tesla makes a 100% electric, luxury roadster that averages 2¢ a mile, and keeps production costs down by outsourcing components

Best Product Design of 2006

Design teams from Asia nabbed a quarter of this year's gold awards, up from 8 percent in 2005. What's more, the bar of excellence is moving ever higher

Best Product Design of 2005

When people speak about innovation today, it is more than likely they mean design. Consumers, who are choking on choice, look at design as the new differentiator.

The Best Product Designs of 2004

The 2004 award winners demonstrate that design is playing a critical role for corporations as they turn away from cost-cutting survival tactics to return to strategies of growth.

World's Most Innovative Companies

50 companies who excel at nurturing cultures of creativity

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