The BusinessWeek 50

The BusinessWeek 50 represents our choice of the "best in class" from the 10 economic sectors that make up the S&P 500. These star performers in the class of 2007 are setting the agenda in their industries

The Best Performers

This year's list is chock full of companies that are rewriting the rules in their industries. They are the agitators, the pioneers, and the game-changers that are leading the way in the 21st century

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How We Picked The 50

Strategies for Success

No. 27: Oracle

CEO Larry Ellison engineered a string of acquisitions that have given a boost to the software giant's revenues. Now he must prove he can manage a bigger, more complex company.

No. 31: Stryker

Profits at the artificial joint maker are soaring as aging boomers refuse to be sidelined by wear and tear. Credit a CEO who has galvanized both the sales force and R&D.

No. 23: Lehman

It's a lead underwriter of the first U.S. hedge-fund IPO--and has a stake in what could be the largest private-equity deal ever. The house that bonds built has come a long way.

No. 26: Allegheny Tech

The specialty metals company has seen a dramatic reversal of fortune since 2003, thanks to demand from hot industries such as aerospace, oil and gas, and nuclear power.

No. 16: CB Richard Ellis

A healthy global economy and a boom in commercial sales are helping the world's largest real estate services company thrive as the market grows more complex.

The Rankings

The Ranking

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BW50 Stories From the Past Year

The Heat On Oxy In Ecuador

It faces an onerous tax, and even the possibility of losing its oil field

Rebuilding Amgen's Bones

A mass-market osteoporosis drug could help reassure antsy investors

So Much Gold, So Much Risk

Unrest makes Freeport's dependence on one Indonesian mine especially precarious

The Leadership Factory

Paulson is just the latest product of Goldman's public service culture

JPMorgan: The Bank Of Technology

The financial giant is making huge investments in info tech, and expects to reap huge rewards

The Fine Art Of Tech Mergers

How EMC transformed itself into an information management powerhouse

Serving Two (Station) Masters

More spending may assuage Burlington Northern's customers, but not Wall Street

McKesson's Booster Shot

The problem: huge sales, tiny profits. High-margin tech products could help

Why Conoco Still Gets No Respect

It has joined the ranks of Big Oil, but bets on higher energy costs give investors pause

Horton Hears A Boo

Bearish investors say the builder's land bets will hammer earnings. Management is listening

Harley Just Keeps On Cruisin'

Aging customers? Sure. Nostalgia brand? Definitely. So why is its stock at a record high?

Jeff Bezos' Risky Bet

Amazon's CEO wants to run your business with the technology behind his Web site. But Wall street wants him to mind the store

Did The Election Spur A Drug Deal?

Why the Democrats' plans for health care may be behind CVS's bargain buyout of Caremark

Six Sigma Still Pays Off At Motorola

The company is thriving, with a culture that lets left-brain and right-brain types coexist

Smashing The Clock

No schedules. No mandatory meetings. Inside Best Buy's radical reshaping of the workplace

Out At Home Depot

Behind the flameout of controversial CEO Bob Nardelli

Avon: More Than Cosmetic Changes

How Andrea Jung is trying to stop the sag by getting smarter about the numbers

Making Health Insurance Hip

WellPoint see growth selling no-frills coverage to twentysomethings

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