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Current BW Magazine Table of Contents

March 12, 2007 BW Magazine Table of Contents

March 12, 2007 Inside Innovation Table of Contents


Slide Show: Cool Tools And The Latest Trends
From vodcasts and webcasts to advanced data mining software, new resources are making business tasks easier


Slide Show: The State Of Social Networking
The novelty of MySpace may be over, but companies are collaborating on the Web for all kinds of practical uses


Start Your Engines
The race is on to build a car that gets 100 mpg. The purse? A $25 million prize—and a piece of history

Online Extra: Slide Show: Greener Cars of the Future
Boosting fuel economy and reducing emissions are the current rage in auto circles. These 10 concepts aim to take it to the next level


Designing Change
How venture philanthropy fund Acumen uses design thinking to help solve real-world problems

A Do-Good Diary
From the journals of Acumen founder Jacqueline Novogratz

Online Extra: Slide Show: Acumen Fund's Irrigation Solution
In India, International Development Enterprises—with Acumen's assistance—helps small farmers implement inexpensive watering systems

Online Extra: Slide Show: Up-and-Coming Social Entrepreneurs
The Acumen Fund Fellows Program prepares young professionals to apply their business skills to social problems


How Symbol Got Its Mojo Back
The bar code maker was shattered by corruption. But herculean efforts to revive the company, now part of Motorola, might pay off


Slide Show: Bank Of America's Clean Green Tower
The world's greenest skyscraper, set to open early next year, is rising near Times Square. The $1.3 billion building will be New York's second-tallest


Innovation Case Study: GE
When GE turned to students for design ideas, they came up with some user-friendly health-care concepts for Africa

Online Extra: Slide Show: GE Goes Full Color For Africa's Health
The company's health-care unit went to design students to find innovations for improving living conditions


Meet Sugar…
…The face of the $100 laptop and a quantum leap in design

Online Extra: Slide Show: Negroponte's Sweet Brainstorm
The One Laptop Per Child group founded by Nicholas Negroponte is championing a new graphical user interface called "Sugar"


Innovation Hype: Enough Already!
A chorus of voices is calling for an end to the hype—and a focus on what really drives profitable design

The Greatest Innovations of All Time

Larry Keeley of Doblin Inc. nominates the innovations that have most improved safety, living standards, and quality of life. His choices may surprise you

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The Real Genius of Apple's iPhone

Word is the newly announced phone from Steve Jobs will transcend superficial design and deliver user-friendly function and limitless adaptability

The Forgotten Pioneer of Corporate Design

A new book celebrates the legacy of Eliot Noyes, whose work at IBM, Mobil Oil, and Westinghouse led the way for future designers

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Debate: Six Sigma vs. Innovation

The system for boosting quality may seem to run counter to disruptive change—but companies can have it both ways

Hack this Product, Please!

Dell's new IdeaStorm is just one example of how forward-thinking companies are making their customers co-creators

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