We've compiled the techniques and tales of great competitors—people, organizations, and even communities—and learned how they got ahead. How do you measure up?

  To Help You Compete

CEO Guide to Technology

What every CEO needs to know about the latest tech trends and developments

The Future of Outsourcing

How it's transforming whole industries and changing the way we work

The Welch Way

Jack & Suzy Welch's answers to readers' questions about business, managing, and careers

Playbooks: Best Practice Ideas and Advice

Real-world advice from tested veterans on marketing, management, and a host of other business topics

Best Places for Entrepreneurs takes a look at town actively recruiting entrepreneurs, cities that are remaking themselves, and Americans setting up shop abroad


How to
Polish Your Presentations

Six Keys to Commanding Body Language Six Keys to Commanding Body Language

It's essential to communicate confidence when speaking in public or meeting a new client. Here's how

The 10 Worst Presentation Habits The 10 Worst Presentation Habits

Speakers can be their own worst enemies. Here are our expert's tips on how to make a presentation sing

The Great Communicators The Great Communicators

What good are ingenious ideas or a grand vision if you can't convey their fabulousness to your audience? Take some pointers from these leaders

Dress the Part of a Leader Dress the Part of a Leader

Whether they -- or you -- realize it, your business associates will judge you by your attire. Check out this advice before suiting up

The Great Communicators The Six Types of Salespeople

Here are the classic types of sellers you may recognizeóalong with some ideas on how to manage them effectively

Fit to Be a Leader

Can a rigorous workout routine help your professional communication skills? It works for politicians and executives; it can work for you

How To Wow 'Em Like Steve Jobs

The Apple CEO is well known for his electrifying presentations. Here are five tips to make your next talk just as mesmerizing -- or close

You: The Brand

A successful pitch exudes confidence, competence, and passion -- whether you're a homebuilder or a politician

How to Understand Your Sales Force

Great sellers are a breed apart. You'll need to study, and manage, their peculiarities to keep sales strong and your workplace healthy

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    What Makes A Winner

    Joe Torre On Winning

    Don't be afraid to fail, encourage your talent, and use your heart. And never be unprepared

    Poll: How Competitive Are You?

    See what 2500 managers and executives said about their companies.

      Personal Best

    Yes, Winning Is Still The Only Thing

    As this new century unfolds, the competitive urge is increasingly aimed at excelling in everything you do—but not necessarily at the expense of others

    Online Extra: Slide Show: Timeline

    Society is usually the better for the competitive instinct, that raw urge to beat the other guy. Sure, sometimes it can get nasty. But where would we be if it didn't? Some notable moments in personal competition

    Selfish Genes And Mellow Monkeys

    Food and sex are what drive all animals, including humans, to compete. Even a retiree-turned-couch-potato can't lose the impulse

    Graphic: What Makes Sammy Run?

    Don't Get Mad. Get Even

    Sometimes it's personal. Executives and boards, managers and mentors, CEOs and chairmen—rivalries can powerfully stoke the drive to succeed

    The Merchant Prince Prevails

    A Fight For The Wheel At VW

    An Exile From Citi Cuts To The Chase

    The Quintessential Quant

    Meet the most wanted man in high finance

    Graphic: Cerebral Capital

    A Boot Camp For Budding Virtuosos

    The Meadowmount School of Music, with alums like Itzhak Perlman, proves that hard work can be more important than raw talent

    Online Extra: Slide Show: A Music Camp for Prodigies

    Children who practice, practice, practice at the Meadowmount School of Music could turn into tomorrow's Yo-Yo Ma or Itzhak Perlman

    An Awakening In Bihar

    How one rural school helps prepare poor youths for the Indian Institutes of Technology

    Online Extra: Slide Show: The List

    Here are our picks for the most competitive businesspeople on the planet

    Online Extra: Hi, I'm the Prince of Azeroth. Let's Network

    Online Extra: Toning Down the Tough Talk

    Online Extra: Slide Show: Personal Reflections

    Online Extra: Slide Show: Very Conspicuous Consumption

      Type A Organizations

    How To Hit A Moving Target

    These days all competitive advantages are fleeting. So the smartest companies are learning to create new ones—again and again and again

    Online Extra: Slide Show: Timeline

    John D. Rockefeller didn't much care for competition, even if he was vicious in practice. But the quest for a competitive advantage is what drove the birth of the modern corporation, and what has made it flourish since

    Online Extra: How Harvard Gets its Best and Brightest

    Sure, students work hard to get into this elite college. But so does the admissions committee, assures Dean Bill Fitzsimmons

    Grudge Match

    Graphic: Sirius

    Graphic: XM

    Management Grab

    In fast-growing China, multinationals are scrambling to attract and retain smart, bilingual executives. Here's how GE does it

    A Passion For The Planet

    Patagonia aims to produce top-quality products while doing the least possible harm to the environment. It's a mission that attracts and holds top-notch talent

    Sleeping With The Enemy

    More companies are finding that "co-opetition," or learning to work with rivals on certain projects, may be the best strategy

    Graphic: A Delicate Balance

    Dead-On Competition

    The U.S. Army prepares soldiers stateside with frighteningly lifelike war games for the guerrilla attacks they will encounter on their tours of duty in Iraq

    Online Extra: Slide Show: The Pre-Iraq Testing Ground

    Against mock insurgents in the California desert, U.S. soldiers train for the challenges they will face during their Iraq deployment

    Game Plan: First Find The Leaders

    Maryland Terps' coach Sasho Cirovski changed how he picks captains—and it led to better teams

    Graphic: Building A Better Team

    Online Extra: Slide Show: The List

    Here's where the most driven go-getters thrive

      Places to Beat

    Slicker Cities

    The real contest is among communities, not nations. Check out these hot spots

    Q&A with Michael Porter

    The Harvard professor and popular author explains the "location paradox" and talks about the competitive challenges facing the U.S.

    Pushing For Growth: How Cities Succeed

    Stockholm, Orlando, and Singapore all sized up their assets, decided where they wanted to go, and figured out the best way to get there

    Stockholm: Mecca For Affordable Talent

    Graphic: Stockholm At A Glance

    Online Extra: Slide Show: Stockholm: Some Surprises in Store

    Check out the hip and happening people, art, fashion, and social scene of Sweden's capital

    Singapore: Reeling In The Multinationals

    Graphic: Singapore At A Glance

    Orlando: A Real World Of Simulation Shops

    Graphic: Orlando At A Glance

    Online Extra: Romanian Rhapsody

    Bucharest rivals Bangalore for availability of exceptionally gifted programmers at rock-bottom prices

    Competition in the Triangle

    The counties in North Carolina's Triangle region discover that they can become more competitive only by growing more cooperative

    Suzhou Wants Your Business

    This small Chinese city has worked hard to attract and hold foreign investment by easing red-tape and providing lots of Western amenities

    Portland: A Magnet for Youth and Creativity

    The Oregon city's arts, affordability, and friendliness are drawing 25- to 34-year-olds in droves—sometimes before they even find jobs

    Online Extra: Slide Show: Timeline

    What does it take for a community to make its mark? Some strategic advantage -- whether it's location, intelligent leadership, a talented population, or all of these. Here are a few places that have mattered over time

      The Last Laugh

    Online Extra: Slide Show: Take This Job And Tweak It

    An alternative look at the struggle to achieve

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