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Current BW Magazine Table of Contents

June 19, 2006 BW Magazine Table of Contents

June 19, 2006 Inside Innovation Table of Contents


IN Manifesto
What IN: Inside Innovation Is All About


Slide Show: Tools and Trends to Spur Creativity
How do some of the most imaginative companies jump-start inventive projects and products? Here's a short list of up-to-the-minute tactics.


Koenigsegg CCR
Power and beauty. This Swedish supercar embodies both

Slide Show: Koenigsegg's Dream Of Speed
From the land of the Vikings comes the Koenigsegg CCX -- the steel god of lightning speed with the strength of many horses

Slide Show: Fastest European Cars
Racing experts and die-hard fans dispute the proper definition of a supercar. Some place more stock in proven top speed, while others look to technical figures including power-to-weight ratio

From Fast & Furious To Baby On Board
Auto makers are pushing the limits on fuel efficiency, safety, and performance for vehicles across the spectrum

Slide Show: Cool Cars with Awesome Features
Take a look at 10 new autos that have pushed the envelope in terms of safety, performance, and fuel efficiency


Ethnography Is The New Core Competence
A blog conversation about Intel's surprising use of ethnographic research

Slide Show: Ethnographic Hits
Here are some product breakthroughs from companies using the tools of ethnography to help identify consumer needs


Design Visionary
Patrick Whitney is out to bridge the chasm between the cultures of business and design


Champions Of Innovation
Meet five archetypal achievers from the IN25, our list of forward-thinking leaders

Marissa Mayer: The Talent Scout

Slide Show: Marissa Mayer's 9 Notions Of Innovation

Ivy Ross: The Feeder

Claudia Kotchka: The Mash-Up Artist

Sam Lucente: The Ethnographer

Amy Radin: The Venture Capitalist

Slide Show: The IN 25
The top innovation champions from around the world


Forces Shaping Our Future
We know the world is changing fast. But how fast -- and why? Step back and examine the technological, economic, and geographic forces that are at work on our world


Case Study: Bank Of America
How it learned that what customers really want is to Keep the Change


Three Sources For Trends And Ideas


Xbox: How It's Designed To Thrill
Designers from the U.S. and Japan collaberated to create a console for Microsoft with an appeal it hopes will reach beyond gamers


Five Key Strategies For Managing Change
From Dev Patnaik, the founder of Jump Associates

Innovation Champions

Meet 25 innovators building cultures of creativity that are driving change in the corporate world

Tools and Trends

These tools and trends are helping companies innovate in new ways

Cool Cars

Take a look at 10 new autos that have pushed the envelope in terms of safety, performance, and fuel efficiency

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