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Current BW Magazine Table of Contents

July 4, 2005 BW Magazine Table of Contents

July 4, 2005 Annual Design Awards 2005 Table of Contents

2005 Design Awards

The Best Product Designs of 2005
Many of the winning entries from this year's competition for Industrial Design Excellence Awards spring from a close observation of the customer

Online Extra: Top 2005 Winners

Online Extra: Top Design Firms Over Five Years

Online Extra: Top Corporate Design Winners Over Five Years

Online Extra: The Catalyst Awards

Online Extra: An Interactive Guide to the Winners, Past and Present

Online Extra: Annual Design Awards 2005 Slide Show

Consumer Goods
These products have personality and listen to what users want

Design Strategy
Design can provide a tactical advantage by delivering a powerful brand message

Disruptive Design
Creative destruction can transform markets, from footwear to musical instruments

Brand Extension
Good design can also be an image enhancer and bring new life to existing brands

Asian Design
Coming up with signature looks has worked wonders for countries throughout the region

European Design
The Continent is pulling ahead by virtue of elegance and elan

Catalyst Award Winners
Fine design, dandy sales: These products get the prize for also adding to the bottom line
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