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Current BW Magazine Table of Contents

December 1, 2003 BW Magazine Table of Contents

December 1, 2003 Philanthropy 2003 Table of Contents

The Philanthropic 50

The Top Givers
Today's philanthropists aren't leaving the good works to future generations -- they're making their mark now

Methodology: Counting The Bounty
In assembling our list of the top 50 donors, BusinessWeek counted both gifts and pledges made over the last five years

Jeffrey Skoll: Why Delay? Give It Away
That's the philosophy of eBay's first president, who encourages others to jump on the "giving while living" bandwagon

The Secret Givers
These big-time contributors try to share their wealth while shunning the spotlight

The Corporate Donors
BusinessWeek's first annual ranking of America's most philanthropic companies

A Corporate Cornucopia
Companies aren't required to publicly report what they spend on philanthropy -- whether an outright cash gift or an in-kind donation

Asia: Hong Kong Is Priming The Pump
Giving is less sophisticated and transparent -- though that may be changing, thanks to people like entrepreneur Li Ka-shing

Germany: Dispensing Bertelsmann's Bounty
The media giant's foundation -- Germany's largest company-financed nonprofit -- lends its considerable influence to a variety of causes

How to Help Africa Help Itself
A Bush Administration plan to bolster a "microlending" program aimed at helping the poor start businesses could work wonders

To Give, or Not to Give?
Arts organizations are feeling the pinch as private donors cut back. It's more important than ever to be generous -- but do some checking first

Bill Gates's Other Love: Biology
How his passion imbues his portfolio and philanthropy. And why he's donating $70 million for research at the University of Washington

Bill Gates's Indian Coronation
Why such adulation on his recent trip? The reasons go beyond the millions he's dropping for tech development and AIDS research

When Good Deeds Are Bad News
Corporate donations to organizations with ties to a company's directors ought to be publicly disclosed to avoid conflict-of-interest charges

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